illustration / animation / graphics / photography

blue nonversation, 2022

mixed media. backgrounds: watercolour, gouache, A5-A4. animation: procreate, photoshop

There is certain charm to mundanity - it is a blessing and a curse in disguise.
“Blue Nonversation”
is a love ode to loneliness showcasing a never ending loop which
cannot be broken easily due to being stuck in it for a while. Even though life goes on, spaces, smells, sounds remind of past traumas, mistakes, habits & break ups...

character design 

recent comics

Kuti-Kuti Comics #68

21 Century Witchcraft for Girls

zine / edition of 30 / mixed media: graphite, chalk, procreate, photoshop

Collection of stories gatehered  in the Tiktok comment section of countless videos around witchcraft for dummies. Starting from summoning Ian Somerhalder and finishing with weather fairies - internet is full of everyones ‘ experiences and our own interpretation of them.

some illustrations, gifs & super-shorts


Oblivion Pro / 2019
digital animation

My accidental prediction of Chat GPT ruling our personal life. Infinite loop makes protagonist question if the AI friend is really necessary & what are the reprocations of this connection.

Bat Love / 2020
mixed media animatiom: graphite /digital colour
Famous monologue from “When Harry Met Sally” reinterpreted.

Cyberstory / 2020
digital animation

Life of a character under a minute.

Abandoned Escalator on VG
mixed media animation: collage, found footage, digital collage/ procreate, photoshop

History of the escalator gallery on Sparrow Hills that was opened in 1959 & abandoned in 1989. Place saw Sophia Loren , lovebirds on dates, homeless, parkour-enthusiasts - all of which are interesting visitors for what seems like just a moving staircase.

“Harold & Maude” credits
digital collage/
reused footage

Alternate credits for 1971 romantic comedy “Harold & Maude” .

digital animation/
repurposed sounds from
NASA archives

graphic design/collage

1*”At The Neighbours” Exhibition Identity
2* Murder Most Unladylike cover proposed to
Penguin Random House
3* “Who Runs The World” exhibition poster
4* “Вне Рамок” short film poster design
5*  Hastens, identity for new Silicon Valley pop-up shop & resort
6* Other

fallen whole into a hole... / 2023

“WHOLE: A Game of Ethical Coexistence” based on William Golding’s novel “Lord Of The Flies” about morality of our everyday choices, actions. Game centers around reevaluation of own decision-making processes but mostly >>> questioing each others’ moral compass.
Contents: gameboard, 8 character cards, 8 card stands, 2 dice, 150 question cards, blue ethi-chips, yellow ethi-chips, instruction pamphlet.
Lulu Alsheddi / Kseniia Talalai /
Hridya Ondan Gopinath
Illustrated, designed: Irena Ilina

canvas/acrylics/custom typeface
kg&tlw identity. vinyl /casette/cd design


contents * backstage
* commercial for:

* documentary
* persona
* Spring-Summer 15’
* Spring-Summer 17’
* Fall-Winter 18-19’